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General introduction

Watheroo Minerals has large deposits of high grade calcium bentonite at mine site at Watheroo in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia.

Bentonite clays, also called smectite, saponite, montmorillonite are a group of fine textured naturally occurring minerals.

They are found associated with volcanic deposition or in sedimentary deposits.

They have a wide range of very specific qualities related to their fine micro-structure, ability to form stable colloidal suspensions and capacity to absorb and bond with wide range of chemicals.

Used directly, or in combination with other products, these clays clays have application in wide range of industries.

Our products are being used in many of these industries, if you have an application discussed here please contact us for specific advice and assistance.

If you have any other queries or interest in using our bentonite please also contact us.

Bentonite Applications