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Our Bentonites are rare, natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Bentonite is included in the group of clay minerals, which typically exhibit absorption and absorption characteristics, which are so useful in industrial and environmental applications.

Agriculture and aquaculture: Bentonite exhibits excellent sealant characteristics for dams and ponds.

At Watheroo, we produce two different products:

Bentonite A is a rare natural semi-granulated clay and is a unique natural mixture of saponite with very finely disseminated calcite and dolomite which contains detailed typical mineralogical and chemical analyses. This material is extremely fine when dispersed in water yielding aproximately 88% passing 1.3 micrometres.

Click here for Bentonite A chemical analysis.

Bentonite E is a high grade beige coloured clay available in substantial quantities with moderate mining and processing costs. It is an ideal material as a precursor for further processing.

Click here for Bentonite E chemical analysis.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing our product and how you can benefit from its use.